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e k 1, car stickers is a material which is divided into several categories ?
A: Generally divided , plastic, metal , paper . Divided into plastic PVC, PU, ​​acrylic coating OPP.ABS PC and so on. Metal into aluminum, iron , copper, nickel. Electro-galvanized , chrome plating . Paper is usually temporary ads posted by car, or car stickers used release paper .
2 , car stickers consists of several parts ?
A: The protective layer , pattern layer , material layer , glue layer , from the shape layer .
3 , the protective layer commonly have?
A: car stickers into the protective layer by shrink film , or a film or other protection positioning .
4 , which has several color pattern layer process ?
A: Generally there is screen printing, advertising inkjet printing, gravure printing , anodizing .
5 , car stickers and performance characteristics of the glue used ?
A: The car is a rubber -based hot melt adhesive paste used permanent glue ( with glue ) . Acrylic emulsion adhesive, permanent glue ( no residue ) . Solvent acrylic adhesive, can be moved without leaving adhesive residue.
6 , car stickers coating process generally there?
A: Generally there gravure coating, screen printing on plastic, rubber EFI . Processes are first coated after printing , the first printed and coated . Double-sided adhesive tape . Electrostatic paste .
7 , car sticker material , which has several colors ?
A: The printed materials are white, transparent material. Reflective material, carving material , depending on the brand to provide the appropriate bias through color .
8 , used car stickers material which brand ?
A: Fa Late , 3M, LLumar , USL, B100, Germany Olivia high , the United States Avery , Taiwan KK, and domestic specialty materials Xu Sen Zhongshan , Guangzhou Figure king , Charles Schwab , Fujian luminous up , Sony yuan, Jiangsu Branch sea, Zhejiang Daoming . Jiangsu brightly lit . Johnson & Johnson,
9 , how to distinguish between car stickers quality materials ?
A: Different brands and different grades of quality materials , reflective materials village , according to the reflective intensity and weather resistance, often by different levels to be divided into advertising grade, engineering grade , super engineering grade , diamond grade . White , transparent material with a car film by durability, generally divided into 1 year, 3 years, 5 years , 7 years to 10 years.
10 , reflective materials are there?
A: You can be divided into low , medium , high. Most are mainly low-grade domestic brands . Acrylic surface material used is processed , there are two types of carving reflective material and reflective material printing . Price based on reflective material strength, surface material softness, material thickness pricing is generally between 14-28 yuan per square . However, these materials are only part of the ad level . Not be used for license plate . When the license plate belongs to the class materials, domestic level 2-3 at home plate can be produced . And 3M610 series are mid-range . 3M essentially a high-end brand products , lattice reflective material , super engineering grade , super engineering grade , diamond grade .
11 , reflective material and reflective ink is how is it ?
A: The reflective material is coated by high-volume professional production, with stable quality and low cost. There are relatively fixed bias through color . However, small quantities of personalized unable to meet design requirements , choose reflective oil, powder processing or reflective car stickers printing .
12 , car stickers Materials and methods with technology ?
A: car stickers printing material into printed materials , screen printing materials , engraving materials, printing, screen printing, engraving materials available . Inkjet printing plus optional engraving , screen printing plus sculpture, direct carving .
13 , car stickers and technology portfolio features ?
A: The inkjet printing technology, the appropriate number 1-50 Zhang , gradient mesh pattern , but the color is not heavy, Fast Within 1 year . Printing plus carving suitable number 200-50000 sheets. 1000 more obvious price advantage, large color choices, can be printed with color plus spot color overprint network , can be printed plastic, metal materials. Thickness 0.03-200MM. Vehicle stickers can meet all process . Weather resistance can be more than 1-7 years . Sunscreen , water , temperature , resistance to washing are excellent . Carving , suitable for a small number of single color, and low starting costs . The biggest advantage is you can do all hug empty , and every body is easy to synthesize one.
14 , engineering grade , super engineering grade and diamond reflective material which is generally used in place ?
A: engineering grade generally used in transport vehicles , highway signs, indicators card. High-speed rail and warning tape locomotive .
15 , reflective and fluorescent material emitting principle ?
A: The reflective material is the need for external light source , the light will be issued . Fluorescence is an external light source , the energy saved , no external light source , the fluorescence will fluoresce .
16 , what is static suction pay ?
A : It is not coated with glue on the surface , breaking through the material as a large negative charge balanced by generating suction force to pay , static film only suitable against the glass .
17 , what is plastic , anti-adhesive ? Positive stickers, anti- stick ?
A : It is the glue plastic surface in the pattern surface ? Look at the other side of the glass surface content . Anti stickers are affixed to the surface normal , the back coating of water.
18 , car stickers why I only did a few months the sun ?
A: A few months the sun is gone, because the coloring process has not used sunscreen . No use of UV resistant inks outdoors .
19 How long between keeping the car stickers color ?
A: The need to select a material strong weathering , by screen printing, using a strong sunscreen ink ( usually Japanese domestic fine Series 700 ) up to 5 or more.
20 , can be done using conventional stickers car stickers do ?
A: Conventional stickers car stickers can not be done . Conventional adhesive surfaces with as PVC, because it is hard , the temperature difference between the environment of the vehicle can not be applied , there is no flexibility, heating or cooling easy to crack . Although the use of UV offset printing can be waterproof, but not the sun . Adhesion are not durable .
21 , what is can be moved ?
A: The sex is the glue that can be moved at room temperature can be repeated tear paste , it will not leave adhesive residue.
22 , can be moved without leaving adhesive residue with the same thing?
Sign : not one thing, can be moved is no adhesive residue , but not because not removable adhesive residue, but because not necessary to have a removable adhesive residue of performance . There does not remain a permanent glue performance. So not the same thing .
23 , how to choose the color of car stickers ?
A: car stickers as distance visual products , generally heavy, deep colorful Korea . Spot color to the main area of ​​more than 15 * 15CM above the gradient overlay can be added to the network .
24 , what is the platinum process car stickers ?
A: The process is based on PET material platinum skeleton, electroplating nickel layer , copper layer . If you want to link to this page Figure
25 , shook his sucker car stickers is what ?
A : Swings sucker car stickers are transparent PC material , screen printing, mechanical cutting molding . Look like the real figure Link
26 , bus through a single window stickers process ?
A: Window Film is for shade without shading function material into the hole to achieve a semipermeable transparent effect .
27 high-speed trains , subway locomotive windows semipermeable sided signage technology ?
A: The high-speed trains , subway locomotive windows stickers to minimize the impact on the light , but also in the car outside the car as a visual . Semipermeable overlay networks to be employed , the accuracy requirements of error of less than 0.2 degree of difficulty .
28 Why use reflective material transparent ink ?
A: In order to prevent the ink layer covering the reflective effect , use transparent inks can guarantee maximum reflective intensity . Achieve the desired reflective effect .
29 , the difference between the reflector and reflective material where ?
A: 3M reflective material on the market the best brand , reflective intensity is 150 meters or so. Rather the reflector . But the cost is higher than the plastic back light reflector. Reflector with lattice is a schematic circuit of the light shining through the can in return more than 75% , preferably up to 89% .
30 , sculpture carved into the smallest functional character is how much ?
Answer : 6MM.
31 , positioning the film and transfer film ( paper ) is not referring to the same material ?
A: Yes
32 , some of them very difficult to pull small print Why ?
A: positioning the film has low viscosity and high school , the character size is smaller, the stronger the need for viscosity . Viscosity generally chosen to meet the needs .
33 , reflective materials will be leaving adhesive residue ?
A: Yes
34 , the method used car clear adhesive residue ?
A: The residue of different parts , the approach is different. General paint parts , the use of alcohol, acetic acid or acetate . Glass surfaces can be used propylene torso . Wipe also available wind spirits, or gasoline. 35 , did not have a car without a glue stick ?
A: Yes, the use of static film material can be. But only attached to the glass surface.
36 , how to improve anti-yellowing epoxy car stickers ability ?
A: car stickers can not use epoxy glue, to choose low PU Epoxy .
37 , how to put the car in the car stickers ripped off ?
A: The first car with a hair dryer blowing heat surrounding aligned 5-10 minutes , after softening car stickers, it is easy to tear . Then clean adhesive residue.
38 , custom car stickers how valuation ?
A: The impact of the price is the number of car stickers and crafts , car stickers size, the most obvious impact on the starting price . For example: file carving is handling fee plus materials and manual fee , three add up to about $ 150, generally monochrome printing car stickers starting at $ 600 four-color 1000 yuan starting , inkjet printing $ 150. Metal car stickers 1500. Price * generally starting price by the number exceeds the number of calculations.
39 , high-volume car stickers valuation methods ?
Answer: 100 square meters 25 yuan printing, screen printing 28 yuan 80 yuan carving normal difficulty , medium difficulty challenging 120 200. 500 square meters or more print 23 yuan / square meter , screen 19 yuan / square meter.

40 , I can peel stickers off and use it again anyway ?
A: No permanent glue , once you apply the sticker , you can not use it again . Once the sticker is removed, you will have to throw it away .
41 , if I need to repeat tear paste should choose what material ?
A: The glue should be selected material can be moved or electrostatic adsorption material stickers.
42 , I want to print car stickers, car stickers should be how to choose the specifications of the size ?
A: According to models, parts , technology and colors to match the size.
43 , non-fixed small sedans regular household products posted the site size ?
A commonly used tank affixed to 8-13CM, after Paul signs posted ,10-28CM, front and rear windshield stickers 6-25CM, door stickers 12-25CM, mirror stickers 5 * 8CM, doorknobs posted 2.5-8CM.
Back tire stickers 30 * 30CM, front and back doors monogram stickers 28 * 45CM. Eyelid Sticker 10 * 28CM.
44 , custom car stickers production cycle is long?
A: According to the difficulty of the process and the number of 7-25 working days.
45 , magnetic car stickers and interior plastic rubber fridge magnet What are the different ?
A: The refrigerator is the case of indoor sticker , no sunscreen . Choose different printing on printed . Low water levels. Poor weather magnitude less . Adsorption is weak .
46 , with the offset printing ink car stickers sun can reach 3 years not fade sunscreen effect?
Answer: not guaranteed for three years does not fade. Because the sun is not only a factor of ink toner , and resins , as well as a stabilizer . In addition to in addition to the physical aspects , the ink film thickness , temperature, humidity and other conditions.
47 , how to identify and offset printing ?
A: visually different. There Offset touch up relatively smooth , with photos feeling. Silk layered, because it is printed up layer by layer .
48 stickers car stickers which tools need ?
A: The squeegee wipes or membership cards , and spray bottle .
49 , how to mount car stickers ?
A: For the car stickers will need to paste the location wipe clean, uniform sprinkler , the purpose is to reduce the sticker viscosity, easy to adjust the position ;
After determining the position of a good paste , paste side , while gently with a scraper evenness, while yer transfer film.
50 , how to deal with cross- folding door doorknob ?
A: The gap at the door and body , cut open with a knife , inward package obedient .
51 , how to check the car mount stickers are qualified ?
A: The position is correct, if there are air bubbles , sand bulbs, car stickers and paint the edges of any separation or tilt . Check the moisture inside the car stickers let dry , conditions can be moderately heated drying. Wash again after 48 hours .
52 , car stickers will affect the inspection ?
A: The annual impact on car stickers , car stickers slightly prominent in Guangzhou have not had seized . There will be differences between cities , specific to the annual city consultation.
53 , the first record by filing annual refit it?
A: The only reported installation and modification record the same picture, it will not affect the appearance of the inspection .
54 , metal car stickers are two installation methods ?
Answer : one using Shuangjiao mount , weight is not too heavy, another mount installation process is Rose . That is the general license installation method.
55 , what is dry paste method ? What is the operation ? What kind suitable paste stickers ?
A : For a small car with a transparent transfer film paste installation, specific operations : clean body, keep dry . Need to determine the location of stickers . Under normal circumstances, the side stick slowly , while tools evenness , while Jiedi paper . If the graphics really do not , but also the transparent transfer film and stickers all torn paste . But be careful not an accident adhesion. After the paste is good, then repeated scraping pressure several times. Off the transparent transfer film. And sewn in the door with a knife draw knife , inward package fit perfectly . Do not let the car stickers and body of any separation or protrusions.
56 , what is a wet paste method ? How to operate ? What kind suitable paste stickers ?
A: Use water spray water or cleaning agents , spray glue on the sticker , said wet paste . First clean the body , the body will be posted on the site even sprinklers - to reduce the sticker viscosity , easy to adjust the position . Need to determine the location of stickers . Slowly side paste, while gently tools evenness , while Jiedi paper . Encountered doorknob or rub the material to be cut and pack into the circumstances. Appropriate adjustments , the graphics in general to determine the correct position , the force repeatedly scrape water and bubbles. Off the transparent transfer film. , And sewn in the door with a knife draw knife , inward package obedient . Do not let the car stickers and body of any separation or protrusions. Try to make car stickers in the water dry , conditions can be moderately heated drying. Depending on the weather conditions , and then wash off after a day or two . Suitable for a large car with a transparent transfer film paste installation.
57 , the front windshield film, how to prevent inspection sticker sticky bad ?
A: static film can be attached to the glass surface , the inspection stickers affixed to prevent direct contact with the windshield film logo glue bad to prevent sticking . While eliminating the need to clean up the glue .
58 , car chrome foil pass inspection it?
A: No, because the reflective affect other traffic safety .
59 , truck reflective tape to stick by what criteria ?
A: Currently the country is the use of the latest ( bus duct [2006] No. 161 ) " on the strengthening of the security guards and the management of the vehicle body reflective logo emergency notice" basis .
60 , reflective of the paste method ?
A: 1, rear body reflective logo should reflect the rear of the vehicle as the width , which is 380mm minimum height from the ground . The total length of the rear of the vehicle paste (without interval section ) shall not be less than 80% of the width of the rear of the vehicle (rear body reflective logo in principle, allow interrupts ) . 2, the total length of the side of the retro-reflective markings shall not be less than 50% of the car longer . 3 , the side body reflective logo allows interrupted, but each successive segment , the length of any one color material shall not be less than 300 mm ± 150 mm, and includes red , white body reflective marking material for at least one unit each . Under special circumstances, allow the red, white cell paste separately, but should remain red , and white , each successive segment length should not be less than 100mm. The total length of the side retro-reflective markings (without interval section ) shall not be less than 50% of vehicle length ; 4 , when using the level reflective film material , with the reflector area and not less than 0.1m2; using two when reflective film material , with the reflector area and not less than 0.2m2. 5 , body reflective marking material for the red and white strips of reflective material , its width should not be less than 50mm ( common specifications for 50mm, 75mm, 100mm). 6 , because the color red is the warning , but its inverse reflection coefficient is usually higher than the same low level of white reflective material , suggested the use of a number of units of red cells than white long body reflective marking materials . 7 , when the body can not paste 50 mm ID, you can paste the two 25 mm wide parallel body identification . 8 , the body surface of the material should be strong, reliable bond . After the paste should be coordinated with the vehicle exterior , using time as the horizontal structure allows pasting . When 9 , the body surface can not be pasted directly reflective film material , reflective film material should be pasted on with a certain stiffness, strength , anti-aging strip liner, then strip the liner securely mounted to the vehicle body. 10 , the vehicle pasted reflective film material should be less than the total area of ​​2m2. 11 , after the installation of the vehicle body reflective logo , should not affect the performance of the original vehicle lighting and signaling devices .
60 , paste is reflective of different models of what types ? How a schematic illustration ?
Answer : GB7258-2004 " Safety requirements for operation of motor vehicles ," Section " 8.2.7 ", " 8.2.8 " explicitly requires : the total mass of not less than 12000kg truck and trailer gross mass greater than 3500kg should be set at the rear of the body reflective logo, rear body reflective logo should reflect the width of the rear of the vehicle . Car length not less than 10m of the total mass greater than 3500kg trucks and trailers should be set body reflective logo on the side , the length of retro-reflective markings of not less than 50% of the car longer . Paste technical specifications and body reflective marking material body reflective logo should be consistent with the provisions of GA 406 .
Trailer products, automotive products from the "announcement" query situation, present such vehicles from 1 to 3 axle shaft , which marked the total mass of not less than 10000kg, in accordance with the standard requirements of such vehicles should be on the side of the body and paste the body while the rear reflective logo . For vehicle products, the total length of not less than 10m vehicles should be pasted body reflective logo on the side ; gross vehicle mass not exceeding 12t class products, you can not paste the tail body reflective logo . These products , in the "announcement" of the positive side of 45 ° photos and photos of the rear of the vehicle can visually identified.
Classification and actual use of the vehicle from the point of view , there are mainly the following six categories of vehicles required to paste the body reflective logo . They are: ordinary bar plate truck ( vehicle and trailer categories ) , van ( vehicle and trailer categories ) , dump trucks ( vehicle and trailer categories ) , tank trucks ( vehicle and trailer categories ) , Stake trucks ( vehicle and trailer categories ) , low flat concrete mixer truck and trailer transport of these categories .
61, UV inkjet technology car stickers what the pros and cons ?
A : UV inkjet technology to print large area with a small number of advantages , the pattern of fine high. But there are many deficiencies , the one , the low sun levels. 2 , as no advantage when the number reached 50 square meters , 3 , inconvenient shape, unable to make complex shapes.
62 , car stickers can be resistant to water wash it?
A: Yes, in general detergent will not have an impact on car stickers .
63 , car stickers can be double-sided printing it?
A: You can print , but the double-sided printing is generally attached to the glass surface, let me see different information . General use of transparent materials.
64 , the public security police special logo which version is now using ?
A: The police are now using the 2004 standard exterior paint specification , in 2006 before being deactivated trial version .
65 , we see the color of the public security police logo Why not ?
A: Because the use of brand differentiation ink , printing color is uneven, there is no strict standard color management . Use are no uniform standards for quality .
66 , what should I install a standard test of public security police identification ?
A: The police should be strictly in accordance with the appearance of standard 2004 painting regulatory standards. For details, please link
67 , why the market is very cheap police identification ?
A: Generally because of the use of domestic high imitation 3M material , and the sun can not reach the level of 5-year color retention . Can not meet the national standards.
68 , how to identify the authenticity of the 3M610 series of reflective material ?
A: 1, find a regular distributor or dealer . 2, the price should be moderate, the price should be between 55-65 yuan per square meter. 3 night test , brightness 3M reflective film than non- reflective material more than 20 times brighter . The naked eye can be easily identified. 4 , the regular purchase a quality guarantee and warranty for more than five years.
69,3 M reflective material can printing, inkjet printing and engraving it?
A : 3M materials can inkjet and screen printing , engraving .
70 , car stickers need a plastic, ( peritoneum ) ( Laminator ) do ?
A: Screen printing car stickers generally do not need a plastic, generally require cold laminating inkjet printing .
71 , what is Lengbiao ? What is a heat-mounted ? Features are what ? What is the role of the car stickers ?
A: Cold lamination is already transparent film with glue , mounted in the car belly veneer . Hot lamination is commonly used in the printing industry with OPP or PET transparent film , in a plastic machine plus white latex, heat and pressure mounted ventral process . Due to the use of a pressure sensitive cold laminating glue , craft room temperature , with a temperature difference , light features , generally used in the outdoors. But the cost is higher than the heat-mounted about 2 -fold. And likely to cause white spots , mounted belly untrue . Hot lamination is poor at high temperatures , high humidity conditions , easy delamination. Low cost. The initial appearance of good . Commonly used in large quantities , with a short time , under good conditions using environmental choice .
72 , mounted on the car stickers topcoat shoe play what role ?
A: There are three effects , an increased resistance to scratch , abrasion , water , light and other indicators. 2, increasing car stickers aesthetic appearance . 3 , to make the material relevant indicators.
73 , born professional print production car stickers manufacturers have?
A : Guangzhou Tianhe Li Tian car stickers research , professional custom upscale , fine craft brand car stickers . Automotive envelope Guangzhou Baiyun Calais , car stickers , Guangzhou Panyu garland blue color .
74 , how to find car stickers production capacity at home ?
A: car stickers manufacturers generally have professional printing equipment and professional molding, pasting professional equipment . Most are traditional label printing , conventional sewage plants, signage lettering shop , advertising printing shop , gift companies to making car stickers . Technology is not comprehensive, product failure , material does not match the quality of non-compliance , not professional circumstances are present.
75 , screen printing car stickers will certainly not fade it?
A: No, the sun is the main factor inks, materials, comprehensive weather resistance, color mode , such as screen printing, inkjet. Color sensitivity .
76 , what is the transfer process car stickers ?
A: The transfer process refers to the use car stickers , thermal transfer , UV graphic arts turn to making the car warning signs.
77 , the transfer process What are the advantages ?
A: The heat transfer is achieved by heating the pattern to the corresponding object , generally only suitable software material , glue not stick firm surface. UV transfer suitable for plastic , metal surface of the transfer . Sun and weather resistance is less than screen printing.
78 , body garland , which has several types of stickers ?
A: According to the material points, are printed shaped transparent PVC , transparent PVC anti-Indian type . Carving pull -type spell color flowers , silk engraving combination.
79 , suitable for off-road car pull floats attached to what ?
A: Off-road car suitable for transparent PVC anti-Indian type, with good abrasion resistance , light performance up to seven years , are used 3M7533 permanent transparent glue. Appearance grade level of clarity .
80 , large trucks should identify what kind of material selection process ?
A: large trucks generally use a transparent anti- printing process , you can also choose low-fat PU Epoxy processes.
81 , engineering machinery signs, car stickers commonly used processes are there?
A: The reflective material used construction machinery , high weather resistance Epoxy processes.
82 , bicycles , electric cars, tricycles applique craft materials commonly used in what ?
A: bicycles, electric cars, tricycles applique craft materials commonly used transparent PVC, screen printing, material thickness are two conventional oil varnish is needed 0.08MM thickness of 0.04-0.06MM.
83 , subway, high-speed rail , aircraft glass paste how to do high permeability ?
A: subway, high-speed rail , high permeability glass paste aircraft requires special double-sided adhesive high permeability . Plus PET backing paper . In order to achieve high permeability products.
84 , how to determine the extent of car stickers specialized manufacturer ?
A: Look to the extent specifically to see the core product , see the influence of the industry , market area covers over breadth . Look who is serving a customer base.
85 , how to identify the high-end car stickers indicators ?
A: 1, material brands. 2, process accuracy. 3, the shelf life . 4 , the last case . 5, to provide real kind .
 86 , what is the function of car stickers ?
A: functional car stickers car stickers is the content has to identify the role of car stickers . For example, is the warning labels , instructions for use shading functions.
87 , what is decorative car stickers ?
A: decorative car stickers is to enhance the car 's appearance, grade. Decals decorate the vehicle. Ribbons, lights film.
88 , a car explosion solar film role
A: ( 1 ) thermal cooling, to create a comfortable interior environment. Explosion solar film can reduce the intensity of light exposure , heat insulation and keeping the car cool effect . In addition, the heat rate car explosion solar film can be over 50% -70 % , can effectively reduce the intensity of use in car air conditioners , to save fuel .
( 2 ) prevent the glass burst wounding. When a car accident occurs, crack -proof solar film can prevent flying glass , shards of glass to avoid accidents cause injury to passengers , improve vehicle safety.
( 3 ) prevent ultraviolet rays, protecting human skin . The sun's ultraviolet radiation on human skin has a certain degree of damage , the long-term by ultraviolet radiation susceptible to skin diseases. Explosion solar film can effectively block ultraviolet light on skin protection.
( 4 ) the protection of automotive interiors, extend the life of interior parts . The sun's infrared heat can be retained in the upholstery and dashboard and other interior parts , the long-term by infrared radiation can cause aging fade interior parts , solar film on the interior with better protection.
( 5 ) one-way perspective , enhance the privacy of the interior space . Since the explosion solar film features a strong unidirectional perspective , window solar film can cover affixed explosion of sight from outside the car , enhanced concealment of the car, it more in line with the Chinese people's implicit personality.

 89 , proof solar film which features the well-known brands and the pros and cons ?
A: Different explosion solar film have different structures , such as the U.S. company 3M solar film explosion are: wear-resistant outer layer , security grassroots , insulation film , pressure-sensitive adhesive layer , "easy construction " film layer and a transparent base material and other components ( Figure 1-9 ); Llumar main proof protective film solar film , a release layer, a mounting adhesive , ultraviolet absorbers, deep dyeing a polyester film, a synthetic rubber , a metal layer and a scratch- wound layer composition ( Figure 1-10 ) ; explosion and Johnson & Johnson special solar film is a multilayer composite laminated film made ​​of polyester , and the film used in the plating method such as magnetron sputtering a layer of high reflectivity nanoscale metal oxide coating.

90 , how to choose the right proof solar film ?
 A: The solar film on the market are manifold , for car owners, with a pair of eyes to identify what kind of film is best , which is very important. Car explosion in the purchase of Solar Films , is closely related to several performance indicators and quality should not be overlooked.
1 , seen through the luminosity and clarity
This film is the relationship between vehicle traffic safety the most important performance . The last large-scale use of solar paper ( commonly known as the brown paper ) , mostly very dark in color , light transmission is very low ( less than 20% , or even only 6% ) , the whole window solar film paste proof black one, must be on the side dig a hole look exterior mirror on the window . The sun is very strong on both sides of the window to see a little further out of the scene , encountered low light rainy day or night , on both sides of the window becomes a blind , could not see anything , which is a considerable traffic safety dangerous, therefore , recommended that consumers try not to select low transmittance of the film . Its high-quality film transmittance up to 90% ( fully transparent ) , but regardless of the color depth , clarity is very high , there will be no fog Meng Meng phenomenon. Window film , especially the front side windows of the film should be selected more than 85% brightness is more appropriate at this time to dig holes without side window film does not affect sight. When driving at night can be car headlights shot in the back of the strong glare rearview mirror reflection weakened, so that the eyes feel comfortable. Especially in the rainy night driving , parking , good sight when you turn around and still improve driving safety and comfort.
2 , see insulation properties
Heat rate is an important indicator reflecting solar film insulation properties . Considering the long and high summer temperatures in the south , as well as strong sunshine climatic factors , the proposed user -proof solar film southern region , the heat rate generally ( up to 70% higher ) than 50% , high transmittance high insulation can improve comfort while significantly reducing air conditioning load to save fuel . Many people may have such an experience , that the use of the sun in the summer paper or curtains, open-air car parked in the sun for a while , the car is very hot, sometimes like a steamer like the heat . This is because the poor performance of the solar thermal paper and curtains , deep colors and body sun paper or metal curtain , put a lot of heat absorption of solar radiation , the accumulation results in the car lingers . Dark color of the car is particularly evident . And because the quality of the infrared radiation -proof solar film has a high reflectivity, a large amount of heat is reflected away , so naturally much lower temperature inside the car , the sun shines into the car and will not cause a burning sensation . But many films only light transmission on the market, but there is no heat rate , and even some simply what indicators are not marked , even if there is no standardized labeling and inaccurate , then we must be careful to buy . When you purchase a lift in addition to its standard heat rate and other indicators can be used to determine the intuitive approach is to use glass irradiated film posted in the sun or tungsten , with face or hands to feel its isolation thermal effects.
3, see proof performance
It also involves a significant security and performance . Generally poor quality paper and sun -proof membrane and high quality material proof membrane is different, the membrane is thin , feel weak , lack of sufficient toughness, impatience ultraviolet radiation , easy to aging brittle hair , when the case of a foreign object hit , the diaphragm it is not easy to break the glass cement together. The explosion-proof membrane is made of good quality special ester film as substrate, the film itself has a strong toughness , and with a special pressure -sensitive adhesive, when the glass collision accident , the broken glass capsule cement without splashing wounding , and prevent the destruction of criminals , reducing injuries and losses persons and things .
4 , see UV blocking rate
Quality proof membrane , this indicator is generally not less than 98% , can be over 99% higher . High UV blocking rate can effectively prevent the occupant is an excessive amount of ultraviolet radiation burns the skin , but also to protect the car stereo and other decorative sun will not be bad ; while many poor-quality film without this indicator , or far less than 98 % of the standard .
5 , see color
Proof membrane is usually dyed using infiltration and sputtered metal body coloring method to make a color film . Pure sputtered metal metallic color of the film have called natural color. Both methods use the colored film is easy to fade , especially natural color film , but the market for many low poor quality film , most of the coloring method using colored glue . Is added to the pigment in viscose and then coated in a colorless transparent film so that there is color. This film is not Fast , easy to fade , a serious fade transparent . Distinguish between these different coloring method is: just a few films with his teeth nibbling , nibbling at such film is exposed transparent white spots , indicating that the shift has been colored viscose , viscose colored , body splash dye penetration Finishing this phenomenon does not appear colored .
Usually shallow green , sky blue, gray , brown, natural color, and so are more comfortable on the eye color , such as using too deep, too bright colors, color change car environment is too easy to reduce the driver of the vehicle body color resolution, will be uncomfortable .
In addition , according to the body color and personal preferences to choose , so that the window with the body color is more coordination, more decorative . Common explosion solar film 20 different models and colors.
6. See if there are anti-scratch layer
High-grade membrane surface has a layer of anti-scratch layer , under normal use protective membrane surface can easily be scratched, but no such protective layer on the low-grade film , when the film will be a road tool scraped scratches , so that the membrane surface is not clear and beautiful.
7 . See the length of shelf life
General formal film manufacturers have a long warranty period , usually 5 to 8 years. In shelf manufacturers guarantee period does not fade under normal use , the film does not come unglued . Authorized by the manufacturer to provide users with foil store will triple style quality assurance card. Many brand-name neither clear shelf life , but no warranty card. The manufacturer of famous brands , have a set of quality assurance system , the first products are gone through rigorous inspection and testing , the index data provided is accurate and reliable . So choose foil, choose well-known brands of the film on behalf of reliable quality .

91 , how to paste the explosion solar film ?
A: The sun burst coated with a water-soluble adhesive , exterior covered with a transparent protective film , the construction should be required to spray water on the glass foil , then ripped a transparent protective film , and then coated with a water-soluble adhesive side spray some water , solar film can be pasted on the glass , and finally with a plastic spatula scraping pressure solar film on the outer surface , and remove excess water and air bubbles inside , to be dry, sun film can be firmly adhered to glass.
The solar film affixed to the glass on a flat surface is not too difficult , but it will be pasted on the front and rear surfaces of the larger difficulty windshield , you must first predetermined type of heating , the heating temperature is not too high , otherwise it may cause the glass to crack. Now before the windshield , for example, paste process is as follows :

1 , cutting
Solar film based on the user selected the next feeding , ruled to be slightly larger dimensions , so that when the film left margin .
2 , clean the outside of the windshield
First sprayed on the outside of a glass of water, applied by hand again, because of the sensitivity of the strongest hand , can feel a slightly larger dust particles . Firmly adhered to the glass , more steel scraper to remove dirt available , other parts of the clean-up with a short-haired brush , and finally sprayed water.
3 , presetting
On the engine hatch first covered a large towel , use of outside surfaces of the front windshield predetermined type . The side covered with a protective film on the glass outwardly spread , and then heated with an electric hair dryer , while heating the blade shank with a plastic squeeze water glass bubbles and make solar film deformed until fully consistent with the glass surface .
4 , stereotypes crop
Because solar film after heat setting size will be larger , shall be the maximum size of the glass inside of the windshield film for accurate cutting . If the windshield glass is affixed inside the rear-view mirror like the fixture , it must first open the corresponding holes and seams , so when the film without removing the fixture .
5 Remove the solar film has been finalized
Because solar film has a curved shape , should carefully rolled into a tubular shape, after removing transferred into the compartment and keep clean.
6 , the inner side of the windshield glass cleaner
The side of the windshield glass is a real film surface must be completely clean , repeat the following requirements shall be clean : for interior space , seats and floor spray mist, dust in the air can sink down together to reduce seat and floor dust ; dashboard covered with a dry towel to prevent the inflow of water droplets inside the dashboard when cleaning glass ; spray water on the glass , and then hand scraped touch, examine and remove dust particles slightly larger , the adhesion was over the prison 's steel scraper to remove dirt available ; using short brush to thoroughly clean the glass , requiring top to bottom, from the middle to remove dust on the glass on both sides , each one must wiping with a clean towel to remove dirt on the brush , and the whole glass each wiper again, they use water spray once , so repeated three times to clean , make sure the glass is very clean and can only be transferred to the next process.
7 , paste Solar Films
Paste the film first before spraying on the whole glass of water, remove the protective film solar film on the scheduled type , in which the surface after spraying glue can paste it into the glass of water , can be used by the correct positioning after the rake -shaped plastic scraper scrape the sides of the middle dial to remove air bubbles and moisture inside . If you still do not fit the local areas , according to a predetermined type of method, using an electric hair dryer heated to exactly.
8 , check the foil material
After checking solar film between the glass is considered completed without any air bubbles or wrinkles later .

V. Precautions paste Solar Films
( 1 ) solar film is affixed to the inside of the glass can not be affixed to the outside.
( 2 ) attached to the front windshield glass solar film must be very clean , use water washed repeatedly , if there are any minor residual dust on the glass will affect the rate of solar film adhesion perspective and foil .
( 3 ) when the film should completely remove the air bubbles inside the solar film . In order to avoid damage to the blade surface solar film , to be sprayed on the surface and the amount of water .
( 4 ) The solar film affixed to the plane of the side windows is not difficult, but if you want to be affixed to the surface of the front and rear windshield glass technology is demanding, pre -type surface , generally use the front and rear windshield glass as a model for pre- heating type solar film , solar film otherwise it would not be firmly affixed .
( 5 ) pay attention to body paint protection. Because when you paste Solar Films , to use an electric hair dryer and a variety of tools, especially pre -type processes, operations and operations to be repeated for a long time , in order to avoid damage to the bonnet and trunk lid finish, be sure to spread a large towel as a cushion protection.
( 6 ) In order to ensure the quality of construction , solar film paste job site clean treatment should be prohibited in the street construction .

 92 , how to choose the film service provider ?
A: There are a closed shop to find a company because most afraid of dirt and gravel film , street operations is difficult to achieve the above conditions.
( 2 ) Select the brand of car film and the strength of the film can reduce the risk of stores , avoid buying fake or inferior film . Back to the store and ask to observe whether the film has security signs, proof film back regular brand are generally printed with security signs, if possible, ask for a piece of scrap to the store , opened the exposed film back layer , and then rub on the ground , where there is fade and scratches that are fake.
( 3 ) requires stores posted before , after windscreen to the whole post, otherwise they will lose the explosion resistance, but also affect the appearance.
( 4 ) After sitting in the car the whole car foil to observe the color is uniform , whether there are air bubbles , dust is too much , and should not affect the line of sight to see at various angles outward.
( 5 ) Comparison personally feel . General car decoration shop are equipped with glass side , there are boxes of infrared light , and the glass surface of the film, do a simulated sunlight cabin environment, quality car film can significantly block the thermal radiation in the box the outside can be judged by the feeling of the hand.
( 6 ) a good film in general can be used normally 5-8 years . Some brands of membrane foil warranty card , remember to request from the merchant ; film without warranty card is also necessary to keep a good variety of receipts or invoices in order to find businesses "theory" when there is a problem .
93 , proof solar film on the common misunderstanding ?
A: 1, Solar Films darker the better the insulation effect
Excellent car film are present polymer composite material, the light transmittance and thermal
Rates with no proportional relationship between the depth of color . Unidirectional light transmittance and good film heat rate parameters are high, the color looks very light , the effect is very good. Some poor membrane staining in order to conceal its poor thermal insulation effect is usually done very dark in color , cause traffic safety problems, will also affect the car 's appearance.

2 . Automotive films on glass damage , and may even make the glass fragments
Some low-quality film or foil does not regulate the operation may indeed choose to bad consequences, but if the owner carefully selected films selected store completely avoidable . In fact , there are many high -quality films have a strong car explosion-proof performance , will not affect the strength of the glass , broken glass, but will reduce the possibility of wounding .

3 . Solar film quality is important, it does not matter in Which shop sticky paste
Many owners choose to know some good film celebrity , but stick to the Which shop has not called , and some to save money, and even choose some roadside shops . In fact, the film 's technical and soft and hard conditions are demanding. For example, dust-free environment , special equipment , standard operating procedures as well as skilled and more. Choose some unreliable shop or " unscrupulous " , not only the quality of the film is mainly the result may also be hazardous for the body and glass , outweigh the benefits.
94 , which domestic manufacturers pickups , SUV color bar ?
A: Jilin Heng Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou navy, Paradise Guangzhou , Guangzhou Li Tian research and other enterprises .
95, domestic production of Mg family car stickers cartoon series which is the manufacturer ?
A: Only the Guangzhou Municipal Institute and gas production in the series system products.
96 , series of products is the use of what technology department , waterproof , sunscreen it? How long is the shelf life ?
A : My fanily series is removable without residue of glue transparent film , using the screen printing process , waterproof sunscreen shelf life of 3-5 years .
97 , what is the sucker car stickers ?
A: sucker car stickers is a different type of adhesive sucker alternative work can be , easy accessibility, mobile and flexible. No adhesive residue. Suitable for festive feast celebration , temporary car stickers products.
98 What is an electronic car stickers ?
A: based LED chip plus plastic production technology called electronic display car stickers .
99 , some car stickers plating base ?
A: There used car stickers plated zinc alloy, aluminum , ABS PS PET and other plastic as the substrate.
100 , Li Tian is specialized in producing research car stickers manufacturers do ? The main products are those ? Customized it? There are advantages to those aspects of product sales in what area ?
A: The domestic guests , please call 02032057526
International guests please call 13711528526 point Chniases