Hot tag: 1300-Type Self-adhensive Material Slittting Machine

1300-Type Self-adhensive Material Slittting Machine

500-Type Self-adhensive Material Slittting Machine
Main Features: Inflatable slip wheel or heavy inflatable wheel is used in reeling up. Straining force is controlled by PLC coding. Photo-electrical apparatus keep track of every procedure automatically, making sure the surface even and tidy. The frequency conversion of the whole machine adopts the stepless speed regulation, which guarantee the high speed of the machine and the stability of the straining force. Touch screen brings about centralized control and esay operation.
Usage: Applied in rewinding and slitting of all kinds of self-adhensive materials and paper materials.
Technical Parameters:
Effective width: 500mm
Maximum rolling down diameter: ¢1300mm
Maximum rolling up diameter: ¢500mm
Minimum slitting width: 35mm
Machine speed:0-250g/ m2
Rewindling Machine
Main Feature: Our rewinding machine is highly flexible an has an excellent performance ratio. Straining force system is adjustable and easy to operate, meter setting measuring functions provide after-processing services for the coating and printing of self-adhensive materials.
Technical Parameters:
Rolling down: ¢700mm
Rolling up: ¢700mm
Machine speed:maximum 250m/ min
Width: 1100mm