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 Kang Dexin December 24 announced that, in view of Dimenco in the world of naked eye 3D technology engineering leading position and market advantages, in order to enhance the company's core competitiveness, accelerate the development of the international market, the company subsidiary subsidiary of Chile to own Capital of 12.74 million US dollars transferee part of the original shareholders holding the relevant shares of Dimenco, the transfer is completed after the holding of 91% stake in Dimenco.

Data show that Dimenco was founded in 2010, its core founding team from Philips (Philips) technical experts, but also many of the original inventors of naked eye 3D related patents. Dimenco focuses on the study of the Naked Eye 3D solution and is currently the only worldwide technical engineering support for Philips Naked Eye 3D technology, with advanced naked eye 3D technology and solutions, from optical design, manufacturing and systems To achieve a full range of technology leadership and industry influence. Dimenco works closely with several leading international terminal manufacturers, and its brand has a high reputation in the field of global naked eye 3D, with rich international customer resources.
"The Dimensco's technical engineering experience and R & D capabilities will complement the industry with Kande, which will have a significant impact on consolidating the company's leading position in the naked eye 3D industry," he said. Kang Dexin will use its brand influence and customer resources, and further explore the international market, accelerate the realization of the global naked eye 3D industry to achieve the strategic objectives.