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560-Type Hot-melt-adhensive Coating Machine
Main Features: The coating head is made of high-accuracy alloy steel; Two ways of coating distribution, joint scraping and roller coating without scratching marks, could guarantee the best coating effect in coating process. The Teflon coating of the adhensive-melting case effectively prevents carbonization of the holt-melt-adhensive from happening. Highly effecive coling apparatus ensures the applying range of the base materials.
Usage: The coating machine is mainly used in hot-melt pressure-sensitive self-adhensive coating, like self-adhensive material production of paper type, heat-sensitive type, film type, adhensive tape type and so on.
Technical Parameters:
Effective coating width: 559mm
Amount of coating adhensive: 8-200g/m2
Coating speed: 0-100m/min
Rolling down diameter: ¢1500mm
Rolling up diameter: ¢800mm