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Label printing portrays a vital role in the advertising industry for a reason that the labels printed shows the contents, the objectives that you want clients to remember and so as with giving them the idea of what your company is working for. Label printing had been used to label bottled water, addresses, return addresses, garments apparels and clothing. Because of the continuous development and never ending innovation the printing technologies that printing companies have label printing merely answers all you needs pertaining to label printing particularly in clothing label printing.

In addition, clothing labels provide any garment with an interesting and unique look. Clothing labels may either be placed as a patch on the front or reverse, it all depends on your decorating tastes and preferences. At present there are additional techniques when it comes to clothing labels and these are as follows: caviar bead label, center folds, damask, damask iron on label, damask peel and stick labels, die cut, end folds, fuse cut or straight cut, imitation leather labels, laser cut felt label, miter fold, pillow label, printed cotton canvas labels, printed cotton labels, printed cotton twill tape, printed satin label, PVC embossed labels, rhinestone label, satin broad loom, satin needle loom, satin up ground labels, sequential numbering labeling, stud transfer label and the taffeta twill.


High Quality Clothing Labels for the Apparel Industry

Personalized Clothing Labels – Luxurious Yarns – Exquisite Colors
xinyi woven clothing labels are known in the clothing industry for their softness and clarity however our customized labels also come in a variety of materials and mediums. Some specialties found only on our site include: printed organic cotton labels, micro cotton tapes, laser engraved bamboo labels, velvet labels, nickel-free metal labels, tagless transfer labels, silicone injection labels and our exclusive “ExoSilk” printed satin woven edge labels. Our staff can walk you through the design and ordering process step by step until your clothing label has completed and shipped from our label manufacturing facility.

We have been supplying woven labels for almost  . The labels we can do include Taffeta, Satin, Shuttle Satin, Damask and Adhesive woven labels. To fulfil different customers' requirement, we can do it on a variety of colours and shapes. Apart from doing commercial woven label, we also do woven Care Instruction label and woven Size label as well.
In addition, through our associations with companies in Hong Kong and China, we are able to offer the flexibility to produce the goods and have them shipped anywhere in the world in a 2-3 week period after the sample has bee

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