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Angry Birds


Brief Introduction of “Angry Birds” : It’s game familiar with millions of mobile players. InAngry Birds, an army of green pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs. These birds are not winged, however, and are more like plushy (or explosive) cannon balls. That makes them the perfect ammunition for slinging against the pigs. But the green pigs have barricaded themselves in some crafty structures, protected by makeshift slabs of wood, glass and stone. Using a limited flock of birds, players must strategically peg the green pigs or cause a structure to collapse on them. A level is completed if there are no pigs left standing. There are over a hundred levels to master, based on score and star rating. There are also golden eggs to be found to unlock some bigger challenges.
As it’s popular with so many mobile or computor players, it’s famous world wide. Now it’s used on many different industries, even car stickers. Angry Birds car stickers can make ur car more attractive and show ur style. The characters in Angry Birds are now available:
1) Bomb Bird
) King Pig
3) Red Bird            
4)Blue Bird    
5) Yellow Bird
6) Green Bird
7) White Bird  
Such stickers can be made as per customers’ requirments. Welcome to contact us!

Angry Birds showing