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Cable label

Cable label
Features, vinyl labels, soft material, coupled with strong stickyadhesive, suitable for cable diameters covered a variety of filmlabels, printable label surface, the product labeling is not warped,suitable for surface labeling, the product line ROHS requirements,with good oil and water resistance, suitable for electronics,telecommunications, power systems and cable plus, wiring works.




Features: We offer our customers a dedicated cable label name, you can pastedirectly on the wound line, with a grass-roots resistance to chemicals, use a goodstretch and resistance to vinyl, the label has a very good waterproof, anti-oil andorganic solvents, performance. Our labels are clear internationally acceptedstandards UL969 degree. Exposed to the test, temperature test, humidity test, waterproof test, test, and anti-anti-purple line at the low temperature test


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