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Car-sticker material

Products are as follows:
Single-sided silicone paper (release paper, anti-sticking paper,release paper,) (domestic)




Weight: 45g, 60g, 80g, 90g, 100g, 105g, 120g, 150g, 160g
Colors: white, blue, yellow, true color
Double-sided silicone paper (release paper)
Weight: 30g, 80g, 105g, 110g, 120g,
Color: white, yellow, true color



PET single-sided silicone membrane (from the film, isolation membrane, synovial membrane, anti-mucosal) (domestic)
Thickness: 1.2c, 1.9c, 2.3C, 2.5C, 3.6C, 5C, 7.5C, 10C, 12.5C, 18.8C.
Fluorine double silicon release film: 7.5c (0.075mm) (Import)
Silicone double PE film (release film): Thickness: 7.5c (domestic)
Supply high-quality PET film silicone oil, silicone paper: high temperature, smoothness, and no scratches, resistant to cutting.Ranging from 20mm-2000mm width, roll diameter can becustomized according to customer specifications can also be cutsheets, length and width from 50mm * 50mm-1090mm * 1090mmrange, you are welcome to call us!


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