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 The international premium shirt brand Thomas Pink is located in the physical retail storefront of Wall Street in New York, USA. It will be the first time that BT will assist the store to arrange the “Acuitas Digital Internet of Things” (which can provide intelligent digital services for the store). Experience, laying the foundation for a timely and interactive experience in the store, helping to provide customers with personalization, optimizing storefronts, improving employee workflow, promotion and sales, and cutting costs.

According to the website, BT will supply customers in the global market to arrange the Acuitas Digital solution plan to provide instant identification (storage) and goods in the store based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Mobile tracking services, and can analyze the actions of consumers, including the selection and purchase of goods in the store, the mobile situation, the effectiveness of product sales, and the performance of each store, which can improve the error rate of traditional manual RFID system operation. Limitations and progress effectiveness to provide timely analysis or store customer interaction experience.
The solution was launched in January 2016 by the Acuitas Digital Alliance, which includes BT, Intel, SATO Global Solutions, RetailNext, NexGen Packaging, and Valmarc Corporation to integrate multiple members with the solution. New skills, such as Intel's Responsive Retail Sensor, RetailNext's Anatomy, SATO Global Solutions, NexGen Packaging's RFID identification system, and BT's Cloud of Clouds tips and collections Basic and international support.
Specifically, after the introduction of the Acuitas Digital solution, the Thomas Pink store will be able to provide a range of intelligent customer services. For example, if a customer takes a men's shirt and continues to select shirts in other stores in the store, When the customer finds a shirt that is more suitable for him and puts down the shirt in China, it may not be convenient for other customers to select the shirt. At this time, the Acuitas Digital technology can help the store sales staff to find the position of the shirt through accurate positioning. It helps to save time and promote customer satisfaction to provide a better shopping experience.
In addition, the Acuitas Digital solution will also transform the fitting room design, introduce smarter skills to improve the customer experience, and, in conjunction with the digital signage, actively provide a tie that matches the shirt selected by the customer. Or the purchase of cufflinks and other accessories, which will help promote the quality of the service and promote sales.
In terms of inventory management, through the timely tracking skills of the Acuitas Digital solution plan, it is possible to prompt the sales staff of the store to prompt the store staff to know which products must be immediately after the last format or size of a certain product in the store is sold out. Additional replenishment orders are not required to be compared with the day when the business ceases to be lagging inventory inventory, which can promote the effectiveness of commodity management.
Abeitas Digital Alliance Chairman Mike Beedles said that the current customer expectations for the retail experience are more than ever, and the digital solution plan has become the key to helping retailers overcome this provocation, allowing retailers to grasp the opportunities brought about by new shopping initiatives, and hope for Thomas. Pink's cooperation can create a win-win situation. Bas Burger, President of BT Americas, pointed out that although there are a number of solutions on the market that can help retailers guess customer actions, it is difficult to integrate them with each other, which will result in incompatibility between data and thus detract from the actual use. as a result of.
Thomas Pink, marketing director of Thomas Pink, said that in the future, the company will be able to apply Big Data to analyze the effectiveness and performance of the promotion, so that the employees of the store can spend more time interacting with customers rather than busy with administrative business. Helping the transformation of the store, which allows Thomas Pink to promote the digital market strategy and become the essential driving force for sales growth.