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 Compared with in-mold labels in-mold labels and traditional labels using the occasion corresponding to the traditional label mainly three kinds: heat shrink labels, direct screen printing labels and adhesive labels (mainly sticker). 1. Direct screen printing labels pattern and text printed by screen printing on the packaging and containers, the overall effect is good texture patterns and text, but the quality of direct screen printing is not ideal, difficult to reflect the delicate patterns and small text If more color direct screen printing more expensive. When more than four-color label color direct screen printing costs are the three traditional label printing in the most expensive. From the label material costs, the in-mold label backing paper so the material does not need to cost a certain decline in space. 2. The heat-shrinkable film (mainly PVC film) as a packaging label, the cost is much lower than the cost of self-adhesive labels and direct screen printing labels, but shrinking label is easily damaged, the overall image is not good, is not conducive to environmental protection. 3. The adhesive label (mostly glue label no one thousand) fine print, but the cost is relatively heat shrinkable film label expensive. Advantages of in-mold label 1, the appearance of new aesthetic: in-mold labels and plastic bottles naturally touch as a whole, solid inlay, label with the bottle shape is changed, the plastic bottle in the corner of the label is not visible, the outside it is very beautiful. Bubble does not appear, the wrinkle phenomenon, able to fight the production and transport of touch twisting, scratching and contamination, the label can remain intact and beautiful for a long time. In wet conditions - mold label is not raised, it will not mildew. Feel smooth, especially for major label to the packaging of cosmetic products, the advantages of self-evident.