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 If the two-dimensional molecular crystal to achieve long-range ferromagnetic order, combined with the material itself excellent electrical and optical properties, can promote its magnetic, magnetic, magneto-optical development. According to the Mermin-Wagner theorem, long-range ordered magnetics are strongly suppressed by thermal disturbances in a two-dimensional system; however, these thermal disturbances can be canceled by magnetic anisotropy. Previous studies were mainly based on defects, components, or proximity effects, and only the local or extrinsic introduction of magnetic response was not significantly improved.

Prof. Zhang Xiang of the University of California at Berkeley (Academician of the National Academy of Engineering, Academician of the Taiwan Central Research Institute), Academician Lei Qiancheng (Academician of the American Academy of Arts, Academician of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences) and Jing Xia (co-author of the Journal) The magnetocrystalline Kerr microscope reveals the intrinsic long-range ferromagnetic ordering of the Cr2Ge2Te6 atomic layer. In this soft magnetic, two-dimensional molecular ferromagnetic material, the use of a very small magnetic field (less than 0.3 T) for the first time to achieve the transition temperature (ferromagnetic and paramagnetic state transition between the temperature) regulation, and magnetic field, There is a clear contrast between the insensitivity of the material transition temperature of the three-dimensional system. It is also found that when applying a very small magnetic field, the magnetocrystalline anisotropy that does not exert a state will result in greater effective anisotropy, opening a larger spin wave to excite the gap. The relationship between the transition temperature and the magnetic field in the two - dimensional ferromagnetic molecular crystal is deduced by the spin - wave theory of renormalization. The relationship between the transition temperature and the magnetic field is its intrinsic specificity. Cr2Ge2Te6 is a nearly two-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet, which is of great significance for studying fundamental spin behavior and opening new fields such as hyper-integrated spin electronics. Related research results in Beijing on April 27, 2017 published in the Nature journal.