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Crystal Epoxy AB glue is a two-component preparation of
. With low viscosity, high transparency, yellowing resistance, fracture resistance. Crystal Epoxy divided into the following categories: 1. Shui Jingjiao soft: it is a two-component liquid with a high degree of transparency, not contraction, not warped, good flexibility and bending resistance, not broken, resistant to yellowing and other characteristics. Applicable to trademarks, signs, electronics, electrical appliances surface decoration. Two. Rigid crystal glue: it is a two-component liquid, high transparency, high hardness, apply to the surface decoration of the badges, nameplates and other products. 3. Arc plastic: It is a two-component liquid mixture can be mixed with a variety of epoxy creams. For the hairpin, the first flowers crafts
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Surface decoration, to make our products to life, adding to market competitiveness. 4. Polished plastic: It is suitable for surface decoration of the belt of the mouth, buttons, key chain and other hardware products, grinding, polishing, plating. 5 PU glue: it is a two-component polyurethane mixture liquid, Resistance of the best, not broken, anti-yellowing cycles up to three years or more, no abnormal changes in the late hardness applies to high-end electronics, electrical signs surface of the product decoration.
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