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List of family and personal care labels
Personal Care Labels, Cosmetics Labels, Shampoo Labels, Daily Labels, Daily Chemicals Labels, Self Labels, Raflatac Household and Personal Care Labels are designed to keep you in good shape. Consumers are attracted by a strong brand image and squeeze packs, but hopefully the tags will stick to it. These products are often used in rain and fog and wet conditions for a long time, will come into contact with a large number of daily chemicals.
Manufacturers get high profits by offering high quality products. In order to maintain its leadership position, brand owners continue to introduce new products and packaging. Personal care label solutions must set new standards from aesthetics and performance.
Often, home and beauty product labels have the following characteristics:
Comfortable and can be squeezed
Water, oil and chemical corrosion
The main element in the product display
Polyethylene (PE) series and polypropylene (PP) series cover most applications.
Also hesitated to choose paper or film labels?
For a variety of home care applications, providing a wide range of paper and film label materials. Film labels are rapidly surpassing paper labels to become the preferred material for home care applications. Thin film material not only helps to create iconic brands, but also lasting performance.
Jointly build the power of the brand
Provide transparent PP film, to achieve "implicit" appearance. With transparent or opaque packaging, these transparent labels will be integrated with the packaging, personal care and beauty labels is the ideal choice, as a product to attract consumers a powerful factor.
We also offer a variety of other options including metal texture, iridescent, pearlescent and holographic films and paper.
Daily chemicals labels, stickers to expand the competitive advantage of labels
We are happy to break into the new market by shrinking the cap material. Our Rafshrink material for PET film, can shrink to 45 microns, cleverly designed to provide a good package effect.
Experience the good feel of squeezeable packaging
Extruded, comfortable and flexible is the ultra-transparent film Raflex Plus housekeeping skills. This unique polyolefin surface material is an ideal material for tidy extrusion-resistant packaging. It combines the advantages of both PE and PP, designed for cosmetic product labels or other personal care labels.
Can be repeated between the closure of the label opening and closing hands
Use our environmentally friendly UV hot melt adhesive to open the door of the wet wipes business profit. You will find it can be used in conjunction with a large number of label surface material to solve the wet wipes label opening and closing, or repeat the problem of sealing.
Labeling_HomePersonal_3 focus on test tube labeling
The use of pressure-sensitive materials rather than direct printing, which is the test tube labeling to a new stage of expediency strategy. This strategy reduces production time, inventory and cost. We have a range of special materials that are specifically designed for this demanding use.
Touch test
Feels soft and warm, like the baby's soft skin. Customers will favor this product.
Safety is the first priority
When labeling products for home and personal care products, safety is the top priority. We provide special surface materials and adhesives to meet the relevant industry and regulatory requirements.