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 Dangerous goods pipeline marking:

The 1 risk identification

Scope of application: a) pipe material, which belongs to the China GB13690"classification and hazard communication rule" (GB13690 2009)corresponding to the globally harmonized system of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) "the United Nations", according to the requirements of GHS chemicals into physicochemical risk, health risk and environmental risk three 27, dangerous chemicals listed, the pipe should be set risk identification;

B said: "the middle) method with 150mm wide yellow in the pipeline, in yellowon both sides of the mount 25mm wide black color ring or ribbon, safe colorrange should be consistent with the provisions of Chinese GB2893;

2, fire logo

Industrial production for setting fire special pipe shall comply with theChinese GB13495-1992 this standard reference to international standard ISO6309-1987 "fire safety signs --". This standard specifies the production,safety signs and fire related and sign location rules, and identifies the "fire-fighting" recognition, in the pipe ID position, font size to comply with the requirements.

B pipeline mark with a reflective mark with a 18049821031 pipeline

Pipeline logo includes the following types:

A total of two categories: low risk product pipeline identification and highdangerous pipeline marking

A pipeline single ribbon (white, yellow, red, blue, green, black, purple,brown, 8);

B pipeline double ribbon (red, black and yellow, blue, white, red and yellow,Cheng Hong);

C pipeline logo (logo color medium) with ANSI standard;

D the pipeline flow identification (arrow) (black and white arrow, a white background with black arrow, red and white arrow, green white arrow,

Black and white arrows, brown and white arrow, purple bottom white arrowhead)

1, material: reflective series polystyrene; pressure-sensitive type specialGermany imported materials and pipeline imports gum; surface film of metal particles film, can make full use of the light refraction principle to attract sb.'s attention. Has the light reflecting function.

2, the substrate color: white, yellow, red, blue, green, black, purple, brownetc.;

3, the arrow width 25mm/30mm/50mm/100mm, length 20M, otherspecifications can be customized; method of determining a text label andthe flow arrow size

Pipe diameter (mm) to distinguish between text label dimension matchingflow arrow size

DN59 40*200mm 30mm wide

DN60-DN159 60*300mm 50mm wide

DN160-DN249 100*600mm 100mm wide

DN250 150*800mm 100mm wide

4, the arrow colors: yellow background and black arrow, a white background with black arrow, red and white arrow, green white arrow, black with whitearrows, brown and white arrow, purple bottom white arrow head, the othercan be customized

5, this product has: the function of reflection, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti ultraviolet radiation, high and low temperature (-40 to 150 degrees), acid and alkali resistance; never fall, no peeling, not easy to fade,beautiful environment, convenient installation etc..

6, the product warranty period: 10 years of indoor, outdoor 5 years!

7, the mold production line arrow label, with anti knife, triple acid-baseresistance function, its performance is far ahead of the industry.

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