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Acceleration, velocity or rate of change objects to measure the amount of (target), usually in F1 in meters / seconds.

Active suspension
Active suspension, controlled by a hydraulic or air suspension can be issued by the onboard computer commands to change the ride height, the technology in F1 is prohibited.

Antenna, mounted on the front of the cockpit communication device for two-way wireless communication and telemetry.

Aerodynamics, study objects in relative motion with the case of gas for the force characteristics of the gas flow pattern and the accompanying physical and chemical changes occur. Level according to the speed of relative motion can be roughly divided into low-speed aerodynamics and high-speed aerodynamics. F1 racing is the former, research is mainly under the pressure of air resistance and turbulence.

Aerodynamics balance
Aerodynamic balance rate, which refers to the pressure of racing performance and racing before the men overall performance of and under pressure. When this ratio is too large, when the first men on behalf of the pressure over the car, the car will be produced in turn a tendency to oversteer; and when this ratio is small when the car turns when you turn generate understeer tendencies.

Aerodynamic drag
Air resistance, is the object in the same gas as the relative movement, the obstacles by force, which is determined by the shape of the object, two commonly used measure is the drag coefficient and cross-sectional area.