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Fluorescent Stickers


    Need a bright label idea? Fluorescent labels get noticed faster and more often than regular labels. We carry four of the most common fluorescent label stocks - Red, Green, Yellow, and Orange. You can order fluorescent labels in almost any shape you can imagine, and we have a huge selection of custom die shapes and stock materials to give you the brightest labels on the shelf.

Fluorescent labels can be a great way to mark inventory or code shipments .Use fluorescent labels to call attention to industrial hazards and safety information .Fluorescent labels and stickers are ideal for promotions. Quickly draw your customers'attention with bright hues and great deals.





fluorescent sticker
serial number label adhesive bar code
Tissues: 80 g / square meter high-quality coated paper

 blank fluorescent sticker
self adhesive label    adhesive bar code
1. Tissues: The certified by SGS, in line with the export standard "Guanhao" brand 80 grams / square meter
2. Colloid: viscous permanent acrylic adhesive;
3. At the end of paper: 80g yellow at the end of paper;
4. Shelf Life: In the temperature 25± 3 ° C, relative humidity of 50 ± 5% of the cases, is valid for 1 year.
5. Product Shape: You can roll can also ping Zhang
6: Surface target size: The sample specification is 10.5CM * 7.5CM, (according to customer's requirement printing;
7.printing pattern: four color printing or pantone color card (by guests)
8. Product Sampling time: 3days
9. Minimum Order Quantity: 1000;
10: Quantity per roll: can be customer specified
11: mainly used for packaging the product label
12: The export of the standard five-storey corrugated kraft boxes, according to the requirements of the guests


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