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 High viscosity butadiene acrylonitrile rubber


The basic performance

Nitrile rubber is an elastic body, light brown molecular Chu: about 700000, due to the strong polar CN groups, so has the excellentstability of aliphatic hydrocarbon oil and gasoline. And according to the different partition of ACN containing sleep:

Two coal high nitrile rubber ACN content more than 43%

High acrylonitrile rubber content of ACN 36%-42%

High Binglian wax rubber content of ACM 31%-35%

In two diluted nitrile rubber content of ACN 25%-30%

Low propylene nitrile rubber ACN content below 24%

Because NBR is a polar saturated carbon chain rubber, itscoordination and processing and butadiene styrene rubber similarto, unsaturated rubber in common, but it also has somecharacteristics brought ACN group polarity. [1]

General performance

Nitrile rubber and good heat resistance, the heat resistance is better than natural rubber, butadiene rubber and styrene butadiene rubber, long-term use temperature is up to 100oC, 120oC can be used for 40 days. [1]

The ozone resistance ability is worse than CR, better than NR

Through the reinforcement confers rubber with good physical and mechanical properties and wear resistance

When the nitrile rubber acrylonitrile content is 39%, the air tightness of the rubber with IIR quite, good air tightness

The low temperature flexible general

The antistatic performance is excellent

The use of polar lipids plasticizing effect is good

Compared with polar material has good compatibility, such as PVC,action acid resin, nylon

The package series is not good, self-adhesive is low, mixingprocess a large amount of heat

Excellent oil resistance

Nitrile rubber is excellent in resistance to oil, physical mechanical properties and good comprehensive performance chemicals such as rubber, one of the most representative, the effective use ofthese features can be to meet a variety of uses. In the general rubber, NBR rubber high benzene, petroleum based oils and properties of nonpolar solvent is much better than that of NR, SBR,IIR and other non-polar rubber, is better than the polarity of CR, butthe solvent polarity and polarity of nitrile rubber oil resistantperformance is good enough. Figure 1-1 shows the nitrile rubber(NBR) and other rubber in the oil resistance and heat resistancerubber material status. [1]

Effect of ACN content on the properties of

With the increase of ACN content the polarity of NBR increased, the chain flexibility decreases, chain interactions between the increase,reduce the content of double bond in the molecular chain, the degree of saturation increases, which also caused a series of changes in performance, oil resistance, air tightness and wear resistance increased, and the processing and cold tolerance,decrease. Therefore, should be based on and use conditions ofnitrile rubber like rubber product type, select the appropriate content of ACN NBR[7]. The relationship between the properties of rubber and ACN content, as shown in figur