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XINYI(Hong Kong) International Trade Co., Ltd. Yi sole agent of Tianjin Zhongtian Morimichi group that transit grand Paper Co., Ltd., transit Austrian Chen Machinery Co., Ltd., as well as transit Ai Bao Co., Ltd. Glue three subsidiaries, is coveredAdhesive materials related integrated industrial chain manufacturer. Since its inception in 1997, the use of a new management philosophy, truth-seeking and pragmatic spirit by Bing, developed the "Imber" brand sticker series, "Austrian Chen" brand hot melt adhesive coating machine seriesmaterial cutting machine series, and "Ai Bao" brand series of products such as hot melt, by the majority of customers.Product specialization, refinement, diversification, and product quality, manufacturing technology and equipment to grasp aspects unique.
    Paper Co., Ltd. produce various types of transit ambitious self-adhesive materials, the main products are paper, thermal, film series and other adhesive materials like adhesive nearly one hundred types of materials, widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, 
chemical, aviation, postal services, logistics and other areas. Transit grand Paper in 2008 to become the 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games tickets thermal exclusive worldwide supplier of adhesive materials.

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