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 The company , according to the purpose of use can be divided into: transparent rear projection type, gray rear projection type and milky white rear projection type. It is made of a high-quality smooth polyester film, which is composed of a diffusing adhesive layer, a hard treatment layer and an anti-static layer. It can be easily used in water and coated with glass and through the acrylic plate. Model is complete, the use of a wide range of wide 1524mm, length 30 meters. A large number of wholesale and retail, please contact us! welcome for calling。

Product features Image clear image quality Light weight ultra-light shape Any easy to install does not destroy the original decoration Scope: car display field, wedding photography, banking, sports, department store industry, catering industry, hotel industry, chain, exhibition hall, Airport, movie opera house, station, subway, ticket office, advertising industry, design company, lighting and audio industry and any store, window, Kanban business premises, building glass facade. Phantom imaging film application: Phantom imaging film is mainly used as an imaging medium for ultra-large 180-degree phantom imaging, 360-degree phantom imaging technology. Is the character or event of a variety of information dissolved in the real model of the scene. For example, a long cultural relics (historical relics, historical events of the witness), placed in a virtual, vivid reproduction of the historical atmosphere, to give silence relics to fresh life, so that historical events, historical figures, ancient civilization in a specific Of modern art and high-tech combination of the state to reproduce, shine. Phantom imaging to wide-screen environment, scene models and lights of the exchange, giving a visual impact. And then the shooting of the portrait portrait added to the scene, constitute a combination of motion picture and picture. It is the use of optical illusion principle, the film with Maske camera technology images (people, objects) and the layout of the main model of the landscape landscape synthesis. For the script to demonstrate the story of the development process, vivid and unpredictable, with sound, light, electricity and other special effects, very intuitive, gives a deep impression. The advantage of phantom imaging is that it is not subject to site and other factors, can be adjusted according to the size of the venue. Mirage imaging system is the use of one or more optical mirror combination of physical or dynamic images suspended in the air, so that the audience can see three-dimensional images. According to the viewing angle, different forms of expression can be divided into three forms: 360 degree phantom imaging, composite phantom imaging and three-dimensional floating phantom imaging. Phantom imaging film advantages: to the broadest square imaging of its widest range of up to 6 meters to fully meet the various types of products, do not paste directly to take tools to develop. To show the way to show the stunning 3D shock effect. Only 200 microns of holographic film in terms of clarity, contrast, color reproduction, light resistance, are completely above the market all the positive or rear projection screen or even LCD screen. Its exquisite slim structure, so that free environment decoration design more freedom and humanity, so that the screen and the environment integration, greatly enhance the quality of taste.


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