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Mold labels

Mold labels, that is not peeling layer, and a shape, in shape and containers directly into one embedded in the container directly into the filling line to wait for its materials of films, mainly plastic so will not only make for mold labeling of the labels more attractive, but also to improve the labeling of wear resistance, temperature resistance. against water and moisture and so on.The advantages of in-mold labelsIn-mold labeling is a need to adapt to social developmentpromising new labeling technology has been popular for years in the international arena is now being more and more people in the industry favored. Specifically the following points:

      1 for thetraditional decoration ofthe injectionmolding pressuresensitive adhesive labels, 
adhesive,etc. are marked contractionnext standard labeling procedures,but imold labeling,
andpressure-sensitiveadhesive label eliminates the smooth process,shortenthe the health of the entire process.
       2-mold label of freedom and creativity in the design also has a large advantage. It is designed canrange fromavarietyof planarto threesides, four,five oreven multi-faceted surface decorations, as well as the shape of label can be rectangular, circular, squarewith rounded corners and so on.
      3 IML can improve the vessel barrier, waterproof to sex.
      4 using in-mold labeled container is more conducive to recoveryand ultimately achieve lower costs, improve product value of thedual effect

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