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NFC detailed parameters




 NFC detailed parameters

Dimensions: 103 mm (length) × 30 mm (width) × 4.2 mm (thickness)

Material: ABS material

IP rating: IP68 high protection level

Installation method: cable tie

Chip: NXP original imported NTAG216 (optional)

Storage capacity: 888 bytes

Reading distance: 0 30 mm (related to the reading device)

Number of readings: more than 100,000 times

Read time: 1 2 milliseconds

Data retention: 10 years (related to the environment)

Scope of use: inspection points for indoor and outdoor environments, asset management, etc.

Features: Highly reliable for sun, rain and collision scenarios, easy to deal with harsh environments

Tip: The label surface can be screen printed, laser, inkjet, etc.