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And B2C models of different retail, foreign trade B2B, buyers greatest fear is the "risk." B2B purchasing foreign buyers usually require a relatively long period, need to do in-depth investigation and analysis, although they are very sensitive to price, but the risk assessment has always been through trade and affect whether the transaction can be reached. Thus, as customers recognize the first leg of the enterprise, companies can achieve on the Internet on how the basic trust of customers, but also affect foreign trade inquiries B2B conversion factors. A survey of foreign confirmed: Site to moderate levels of reliability, conversion rate can reach 17% or higher.

To U.S. customers looking for suppliers to find the usual procedure for example: Usually, they tend to look for a BBB logo Better Business Bureau Online (BBB Online) providers, or ask friends, relatives, colleagues, or listening to their recommended sources; then the background survey, after signing the focus of attention paid to put the safety of people and goods to ensure the smooth arrival. Whether third-party certification or friend, and the payment of security, every step of the strong public declaration of "trust" in the flow part of the role.

Ericsson Enterprise Strategy Online

Ericsson online foreign trade enterprises, mainly in three aspects: credible, reliable and feasible.

The main purpose of this phase credibility is to prove that their own trusted. Foreign buyers usually before the inquiry will be a list of candidate companies, to evaluate control options. In particular, since January 26, 2010, the U.S. Customs official enforcement of maritime cargo carriers and importers of the "10 +2" Import Security Filing (ISF reporting) requirements. The regulations require importers to declare the entire import supply chain, every link in the specific information of enterprises, imported goods manufacturers, traders, importers, shipping companies have Tianbao information to Customs, if the safety reporting problems, fines of up to 5000 U.S. dollars. The law that started the U.S. Customs import supply chain credit, which buyers in the U.S. population has caused great shock, forcing its initial stage in the procurement, went to verify the true identity of the supplier. Therefore, if domestic suppliers are now adding the corporate Web site can prove their legal qualification of the documents and proof of past customs, business to join industry associations or professional certification made products, then we can for their "reliable" image points.

Reliable as many trade a smaller number of companies began to gradually get involved in the international wholesale business, the website for the corporate marketing function is gradually away from advocacy of a single function, which has become a necessary procedure for payment. It can guarantee security payments, is about the reliability of an enterprise evaluation criteria. Ensure the secure payment, which can be technically guaranteed way to guarantee the payment. International micro-payment is a common method of payment through Paypal, the foreign wholesale (Wholesale) industry, escrow payment method is also more popular. It is worth mentioning that the more common use of foreign credit cards, online payment need to use SSL encryption to ensure data transmission and storage security, common SSL encryption providers have verisign, geotrust, thawte, etc. In addition, privacy-based authentication has truste, trustwave etc. .

Possible in the traditional trade, buyers to verify the export process plant is almost the "standard" link. But the financial crisis, unless the big projects, many overseas buyers are trying to reduce this expenditure. For export enterprises, if we can start to prove their production capacity is a reliable, are more likely to squeeze into the foreign priority list. Inspection by a third party certification body is a viable option. Such third-party audit to verify is the production capacity, trade capacity, production management systems ability to meet the requirements of buyers, such as SGS audit, STR testing factory. In addition, certification of products can also reflect the production level, such as UL, FCC, FDA, NSF, ANSI certification. Certified results will be reflected in the company of these sites, will help to further enhance corporate reputation.

Ericsson site navigation

Marketing on the Internet for foreign trade enterprises, to obtain an order from the Internet, how how much cost? Thus, the word conversion has become the focus of many people. According to a Statistics show that a product website pages in the average residence time of 10 seconds, 10 seconds of this, there are three content is most likely to catch their eyes to: the product logo (Logo), the button and the credibility of the affirmation. Obviously, to Ericsson in the Internet, we must make good use of the most attractive look of these details.

(1) Enterprises should establish a clear site navigation, menus easy to use and strong. Introductory page in the company, should be clear about the company's history, staff or management picture, factory or office pictures, mission of the company's goals. Best to use top-level domain, if it is registered domain name, to the extent possible. Com, avoid using. Org,. Info domain name suffix such as.

(2) to establish "contact us" page, listing all possible contacts, such as telephone, fax, email, company address.

(3) the company calls placed in the corporate website home page. Usually set in the top and bottom of the page, click the button to let customers will be able to produce a feeling of contact to the enterprise. Instant messaging tools such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger and other prominently placed on the website, you need to ensure a person responsible for a number of foreign Web sites often use online customer tools, and marking the line of work time.

(4) user authentication works on the part of foreign enterprises. Although this column is just put some customers are companies or products to make fair evaluation, due to cultural differences, the current domestic enterprises have not totally convinced. But a study of foreign buyers really useful.

(5) to provide some of the enterprises in the field of expertise or business products or product description PDF document for download, so that enterprises and foreign trade will lift the professional image of the site.

(6) to maintain the original content of the site and the diligent updates. Users will find that this area is an active site, each will see fresh content to understand the development of enterprises, develop customer attention for business continuity.

(7) the establishment of the privacy statement page. Information on the visiting user privacy protection and respect. It attaches great importance to a foreign website, but in terms of the domestic foreign trade enterprises, but not seriously. Study abroad to see from some of the privacy statement is assigned a certain weight, with the website privacy statement will be favored. Foreign trade enterprises should not be placed on third-party advertising sites, will affect the user experience.