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Pharmaceutical Label



 Our company also manufactures pharmaceutical labels mainly for pharmaceutical industries. These labels are made from ultra thin paper with a special self adhesive and wet-glue type which will result a long lasting impression. These labels are available in various sizes and shapes and we make use of unique color combination and material to meet our customer’s requirements. We do provide these labels with holographic feature other security element based on our customer’s requirements. We also perform quality check before deliver the product to our customer to ensure the quality of the product.



We paste the label applies to diverse methods of medicine, especially for the widespread use of plastic bottles. 
We provide the pharmaceutical industry's most complete method of labeling the label, and can take the kind of label management needs, such as sterilization, and a variety of labeling and storage conditions, to provide customers with the right label materials and processes. 
We provide the pharmaceutical industry specific labeling of small diameter, the use of ultra-thin flexible film or paper-based material developed a special structure of the label, a special adhesive coating, to meet the application of those leaks is strictly prohibited. 
We will help customers find suitable application of medical devices, and pharmaceutical companies in the development of packaging engineers have been used by the information below, in either case, our experts are welcome to your consultation. 



Canbe autoclaved at120 degrees, about,2 Pa ​​pressure high pressure steam sterilization time of 20 minutes.
In epoxy-hexane, at a certain humidity and other chemicalsubstances, a series of temperature settings, the entire processfor 24 hours. In addition to the process of sustainable gas a few days.
Can use gamma radiation to sterilize the product. Performancedoes not change the label.
Electron beam can be used in the product after 5M,-10M. High-voltage electron beam sterilization







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