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Printed electronics with a new interactive film labels available
  November 9, 2011 Keywords: printing

UK supplier PragmatIC Printing printed electronics and thin film professionalmanufacturer Innovia Films, to develop an interactive bottle label.

Innovia the production of biaxially oriented polypropylene (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, BOPP) label with printed electronic components and LED chips; the two companies co-produce an interactive bottle labels can be holding the bottle in a row when the automatic flash light light.

"The cooperation has been confirmed with Innovia, our unique electronic printingsuccessfully with labeling, packaging films combined; We now intend to apply this concept into mass production and commercialization of provisioning;" PragmatIC Printing CEO Scott White said.

In a recent London Business Design Centre in creative packaging (Packaging Innovations) Show in Las Vegas, Innovia Films show a prototype of the kinds ofelectronic tags. "This inspiring development is to enter a large number of printed electronics packaging market a small step;" The company product manager Steve Langstaff said.

PragmatIC also announced that it has with the commercial security printer and papermaker De La Rue, has completed a series of

Printed electronic security product prototypes; these prototypes can provideconsumer interactions triggered by visual function, string lights or label. The bottlelabel the above cases, the type of products do not require batteries, but through the standard RFID and NFC reader to capture the wireless way to get energy supply.

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