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When a beam of light to a surface, the reflected light along the opposite direction of incident light back to the source.

Inverse reflection coefficient:

Inverse reflection coefficient are the main parameters used to describe thereflective material of retroreflective performance, anti reflection coefficientchanges with viewing angle and the angle of incidence and change.

Angle of incidence:

Usually refers to the angle between the normal and the symbol of the lightincident face cards.

Observation angle:

Usually refers to sign back reflection of light and the incident light angle to observe the eyes.

Glass bead technique:

The reflective unit reflective materials is with glass beads as the main body,need in the glass beads coated with a metal reflective layer behind. This is reflective technology early, on behalf of the product is engineering grade reflective film and high-strength reflecting film.

Micro prism technology:

The reflective unit reflective materials is in the triangular prism as the main body, the incident light is to realize multiple total reflection in the prism, does not need the metal coating, reflecting higher efficiency than the glass bead technique. Is the development trend of modern reflection technology, on behalf of the product is super reflective film and the diamond grade reflective film.

Pressure sensitive adhesive:

The performance of pressure sensitive adhesive, as long as it exerted a certain pressure on the back, can produce a certain adhesive strength.

Test method of water film:

The sign in the manufacturing process, a method for testing whether the clean sheet is simple, effective. The specific operation is: pour water into the aluminum plate, if the water quickly smooth flow, such as the a show, the show has clean; if there is water attached on the aluminum plate, as shown in Figure B, that it is not clean, to wash;

Pressure sensitive adhesive strength level