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Reversible temperature indicator label



Reversible temperature indicator label OMEGA industrial measuring The multifunctional liquid crystal polyester film / plastic sheet can be easily cut into arbitrary size. This temperature indicator has a fast response time, which can provide fast visual readout in the laboratory, test and evaluation applications. For 31 x 31 cm (12 x 12 "), or as a 15 x 31 cm (6 x 12" can provide a plastic sheet size six piece kit is provided and the thickness is about 0.25 mm (0.01 "). Can also provide sample pack, CM 31 contains six 15 x (6 x 12 ") thin film, a piece of each temperature range, such as order form is shown. Specification: Tape: double coated tape polyester film: 5 mil film electrochromic materials: liquid crystal mixture non-toxic grease Precision: + 1 degrees C Storage temperature: 21 degrees C (70 degrees F), the relative humidity of 50% Application of data: temperature indication label affixed to the surface is clean and dry. Read the temperature after the color changes. Green for the correct reading. If there is no green, between the temperature readings between blue and brown box function: when instructions for the green display temperature