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Security Sign Stickers


 Cost-effective Security Products!

Work with our Home Alarm, Dummy Camera to Deter potential robbery, theft, and vandalism!

DIY(Do-it-yourself), stuck to any outside window or glass to protect your house/villa in seconds!

Now you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a sophisticated Home Alarm system to deter thieves! With this realistic looking Dummy CCTV Dome Camera undesirables will feel they are being watched at all times.

Prevention is better than cure.
Your property may be fortunate enough to be protected by one or our latest technology alarm systems already.

Whether you property is protected or not, our professionally designed Home Security Alarm warning stickers can now warn off unsuspecting thieves and undesirables and avoid potential break-ins!

Easy to fit
These stickers can be pealed and stuck to any Outside window or glass in seconds! Our stickers serve as a visual deterrent for potential break-ins and are highly recommended even if you have the most advanced security system.    
-- We can print qualified static cling with advanced multi-colour printing press outside of Heidelberg, CTP technology.

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