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Shelf label

 Shelf label

Chip: Icode/H3

Size: 85*22*6mm

Type: Bookshelf / Shelf Label

Order Hotline: 13925048606

Technical advice: 020-82181507

Product introduction: RFID library shelf label, widely used in the library / warehousing logistics industry anti-metal shelf label. High frequency / ultra high frequency two bands have used more than 300 libraries worldwide to cooperate, custom production books Bookshelf label, high production capacity, large volume of goods. Welcome to cooperate and negotiate!



The core of the library RFID high-frequency electronic label management system is to use RFID electronic label technology to realize automatic data collection function. Combining database and software management system to realize library self-service borrowing, book inventory, book shelf, book retrieval, book security, and borrowing card Management, library card issuance, collection information statistics and more.

Book shelf label


Due to the differences in management systems, bookshelf labels are divided into high frequency and ultra high frequency. Based on the characteristics of two different systems, Li Yantian has introduced a shelf label for each system to meet our customers' needs for survival!

1, passive reading, the price is cheap, the book label surface can print personalized LOGO and pattern

2, imported chip packaging equipment: extremely high-precision packaging chip, improve the overall performance of the label, good consistency

3. Strict quality inspection: Every label that we leave is subject to strict standard monitoring, to ensure that all book labels are good and provide permanent after-sales service.