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Size: about 13CM*13CM 1, the product of PVC material, you can choose a different thickness. Lee the FDA equipped with the sucker suction on the rear windshield to remind behind car note, "Newbie" Please slow down driving. 2, avatars can swing, swing design, will swing around with the car's cornering or bumps, dynamic. Packaging: color paper card, transparent plastic bags Package includes: car sucker stickers Suitable models: all models Instructions for use: glass attached sucker position need to wipe suck the glass should be forced to sucker flat to increase the adsorption force. Product Features: 1, It can be used to play the role of the rear-end of the warning. 2, green product, non-toxic, harmless, non-radiation, safe and reliable, without the power to hurt the body. 3, easy to use, direct suction in the glass, can be used repeatedly, they can always take off the suction on. 4, when the start the car, attached to the stainless steel strip (spring piece) on the pattern will swing around certain range. Instructions for use: A sucker's position glass clean. . 2, suck the glass, you need to force the sucker flat so far, in order to enhance suction. Note: 3, the use of plastic production, to avoid the high-temperature heat

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