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  Heat-sensitive paper and sensitivity
The sensitivity of thermal paper is the impact of the printing speed and image key factors, divided into static and dynamic sensitivity sensitivity, high-quality thermal paper with low static sensitivity and high dynamic sensitivity.
Static thermal sensitivity is a measure of the temperature of the coating began toreact, understand this is very important, especially to warm the product label to be applied when,. But people know much about the static sensitivity also affect the clarity of the barcode, anti-static thermal properties of high or low thermalsensitivity can produce clear images, high sensitivity, if static, thermal paper whenthe print head is cool to react, printed images will not clear enough.



Moving too sensitive 

According to the energy of thermal printer uses thermal paper selection, the dynamic sensitivity is important to consider the electrical parameters, use less energy for the fast printer, the paper's response will be faster, because the printer speed, the one-line print time is shortened. As the cooling time is basically the same, in order to print the next line to allow sufficient time to cool before the print head, you need to shorten the heating time, the paper received energy will be reduced.


Heat-sensitive paper and printing ink
Thermal paper with ink is not printed on paper than in the standard complex, but in order to avoid thermal damage to the printing presses or reduce the quality of the ink must be chosen carefully.
Thermal resistance
Ink tobe abletowithstandthe thermal printhead produces 25heat.Residual melt ink print head will not only reduce the image quality will impede the normal accuracy, resulting in combustion.
Abrasive particles
Titanium dioxide is highly abrasive pigments, mainly for water-based printing ink of white material. Not recommended by adding material to generate white light tone,as it will reduce the thermal print head life.
Label material and ribbon to match the surface of 
Label the surface of the fabric determines the chemical and physical properties of it and what type of thermal transfer ribbons used in conjunction with the best results.There are three main types of ribbon. 
Wax-based ribbon 
Wax-based ribbon ribbon is the most common type, can provide an economical solution for heat transfer, wax-based ribbon and platen-type printing head together.With students with normal absorption, smoothness of about 3. 0 (PPS10) with the use of uncoated tissue paper, and coated paper can also be used with. 
Wax base / resin ribbon hybrid 
Hybrid ribbon in a variety of end applications can provide high-performance, print images with a good physical fitness 
90 degrees can also print bar codes. Wax-based / hybrid resin-based ribbon designed for use with non-absorbent material. 
Such as coated paper and film, but requires excellent physical resistance, they can be used with special paper for use with thermal transfer printing. This ribbon can print head with hanging with the use of pressure. 
Resin ribbon 
Resin ribbon for applications demanding conditions. Resin ribbon for printing images with a high resistance to physical abrasion, solvents and thermal performance. This ribbon is usually used to promote in PE, PP, PET and other materials on the film surface, an opaque image in the print cartridge into the relatively few transfer required.


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