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Thermal label printing


Thermal paper labels, the use of thermal printer personalized content, use of environmental requirements according to the different industries, with waterproof, antifreeze, anti scratch, etc. function. Labels generally use a roll of finished products, the volume of 2 inches, the need to determine the direction of the standard before ordering. Printed parts can be customized





Thermal label printing paper

Thickness: 0.01 (mm) Gloss: 95 Custom processing: Packing: 100 rolls / box Type: Thermal Paper Weight: 58 (g/m2) Smoothness: smooth and delicate high-priority paper: guanhao Brand: Beauty Thermal Paper Size: 57 * 50 (mm) Layers: Single Thickness: 108 (mm) Gloss: High Custom processing: Packing: 80X50 Type: Thermal Paper Weight: 65 (g/m2) Smoothness: Good Brand: Kaneda / neutral thermal paper Size: 80 * 50 (mm) Layers: Single Size: 80 * 80mm Thickness: 0.01 (mm) Gloss: Good Custom processing: Packing: 50 rolls / box Type: Thermal paper Weight: 62 (g/m2) Smoothness: Smooth Size: 80 * 80 Brand: Kaneda / neutral thermal paper Size: 80 * 80 (mm) Layers: Single





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