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Our tire tag products, for the low roughness and the roughness ofthe surface of car wheels, special tires and specially designedsurface, the surfaces of these tires label printing in a variety oftraditional outstanding, have access to high quality the beautifulimage.
We use special environmentally friendly glue RHOT, the coating weight, high tack force to ensure tight fit of the tire label surface,while RHOT in harsh temperature environments can be used normally, and can overcome a variety of environmental corrosion,the label in its life cycle to ensure that the image of the beautifullabel rosters, and labeling of high quality. Whether it is the coldnorth, or the hot south, the tire tag that we can guarantee excellentperformance. So no worries when you are using. RHOT tire rubberseries has been from the more well-known internationalmanufacturer of anti-specified tire selection.
Tire label
Tire labels open thousands of miles
Tire labels, stickers labels, tire labels need to go through the entire global supply chain will eventually come to a car shop, the process twists and turns and long. Tire-use pressure-sensitive labels must be attached to the uneven tread, while providing important product information, including brand, type, specifications and product bar code.
Label adhesives are particularly important. Adhesive large adhesive has a strong viscosity, can firmly stick the label, while resistance to tire rubber and manufacturing process of chemical corrosion. Provide RH T large adhesive amount of adhesive to meet the needs of general tire labels.
Adhesives must be firmly pasted throughout the tire life cycle. The life cycle includes: compound conversion, label stripping distribution and storage. However, the adhesive must ensure that no residue should be left on the tire after removal of the label.
Our tire tag solutions provide a strong barrier to tires
For very rough tires, such as winter tires, it is recommended to use Raflatyre, which is a bottom coated aluminum foil layer of paper material. The aluminum foil insulation layer prevents the tire and adhesive components from penetrating into the face material. Aluminum foil layer also has a "folding memory" feature to help the label closely with the tire lines, firmly fixed.

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