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Wheel label


Wheel label, is the use of PET, PI high temperature resin for the substrate. With rubber adhesive, paste to achieve good performance heat-resistant PET resin heat up to 200 degrees -40 degrees, PI material temperature reached 300 degrees . The use of network printing process, so that label does not fade in the life cycle, can resist grinding wheel working conditions do not change color 200-degree heat, so that identifying information to maintain a good wheel. CBN grinding wheel for high speed and high quality products, high-end brands.


Difference with ordinary labels, 1) ordinary material PET surface without smearing. Temperature can only reach 136 degrees.
                    2) using ordinary adhesive glue.
                    3) the use of offset printing process, and UV printing process, not the sun, high temperature, anti-tarnish.
                    4) low cost 1-2 times. Only applicable to low-speed grinding wheel products.

Wheel label showing