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1. Types of adhesive
The adhesive is used in adhesive stickers include solvent type: acrylic emulsion adhesive, acrylic based adhesive, hot-melt adhesive.

2. Sorts of coating technology
Adhesive can be divided into permanent ones and removable ones according to use requirement.

3´╝ÄChemical properties: sorts of rubber based, sorts of acrylic acid.

4. Use range: universal, special adhesive, medical, low temperature, high temperature.


All our adhesives are formulated to fasten to a variety of substrates with long term durability. Our permanent adhesives are suitable for general labeling applications and give good adhesion to most substance.

We offer a range of removable adhesive labels that will not leave any residue or damage the surface of a product and is designed to suit both industrial and commercial labeling requirements.

Static Cling Stickers with no adhesive won't leave any marks on the surfaces when removed and it can be repositioned anywhere you want.

Adhesive showing