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Guangzhou City Yantian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Xinyi Hong Kong International Trade Co., Ltd. belong to a legal entity. After years of development, it has become a leading technology in the label industry and an all-round label service provider. To become a functional label sticker establishes a good reputation, self-adhesive labels also have a unique competitive advantage. The company's innovative application of technology in the industry, the formation of different strength paste, local glue, removable glue, no adhesive residue, anti-adhesion type, rough surface adhesive paste process. Effectively increase the value of extended labels. Fusion of the latest technology continues to develop products that are close to the needs of our customers. Effectively solve the quality problems that are difficult to control in label materials and processes. Make effective use of the current concept of technological development. Through different industries, the use of nanotechnology to modify the substrate, effectively increase product hardness, PET material up to 6H. Increase product sunscreen, heat insulation, electrical conductivity and insulation performance. Adding waterproof, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, anti-fog, anti-mildew, formaldehyde odor, easy to clean coating and other functions on the label. From the precision of processing, quality stability, efficiency to play to enhance cooperation and win-win leverage. Enable our partners and service customers to gain market development opportunities. We are convinced that we constantly create value for our customers, continue to deepen integration, continuously innovate and develop industry technologies, apply new materials, improve process equipment, innovate product technology, and develop multi-angle cooperation with the industry. Constantly improve product quality. And keep improving. Guarantee services really bring you benefits. In the end we will win the market.