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Xinyi (Hongkong) International Trade Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou municipal research field of Electronic Science and Technology Co. Ltd is belong to the same subject of investment. Founded in September 2010, the company mainly to provide paste technology research and design development, production and processing of special paste process. High weatherability, novel structure, rough surface, anti-counterfeiting technology, special environment need adhesive solutions. The main products are used in automotive, rail transport, ships, aircraft, and electronic products, light industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery warning signs, nameplate, panel buttons and other products. At the same time can provide for brand promotion, advertising stickers, stickers body decoration Lahua, club logo stickers. Vehicle management annual inspection mark. Different types of glass paste. Customized food, beverage, medicine, clothing and gift packaging labels for customers. According to the number of customers, labeling technology, providing roll automatic labeling, pieces of artificial labeling, according to the requirements of an way, providing local glue, removable glue, no residual glue. Electrostatic adsorption without glue. According to the product function design of multi label, double - sided label, add the code flow label. Random code tracking information code label. RFID tag.