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 Rich food products with a tempting product

Food labels need to be attractive to encourage consumers to choose products, but they must also meet stringent regulations and inform consumers and ensure their food safety. Food labels can also provide anti-commemorative functionality and traceability in the supply chain. We have adhesives that meet the needs of any food labeling, as well as a wide range of material options, such as paper, film and texture pasta, to create a full-fledged brand of food labels.
Stand out of innovation
Today, it is more necessary to print on labels for reasons such as legislation for consumer safety and the right to know and a variety of consumer trends, such as the popularity of small packs and simple packaging, and more emphasis on re-sealable packaging Extend the freshness.
We offer a variety of label materials to meet these requirements, including transparent film materials, fresh food can be clearly visible through the print label.
Sustainable and biodegradable labels
Our label material also meets your sustainable development needs. We can provide thinner label materials to help reduce package size and weight; our film materials can also be fully recycled when used in recyclable packaging.