Hot tag: 13inch wisual active shelf labe

13inch wisual active shelf labe

 Product Name: 13 inch visual active shelf label

Product model: LH-433BQ213D-1
Product size: 80mm (L) X40mm (W) X14.5mm (H)
Product material: ABS
The 2.13-inch visual active shelf label is an electronic shelf label that uses 433 communications. The display adopts the electronic paper display screen, and supports single and batch update. Compared with the traditional paper label, the biggest feature is that it can be recycled and automatically updated. It is widely used in large supermarket commodity identification and warehouse logistics management. operating system.
2.13 inch visible active shelf label features:
1. Low power consumption
2. Support single, batch update
3. Wireless remote update information
4. Wireless communication distance up to 50M
2.13 inch visible active shelf label specifications:
Basic parameters
Protocol standard: 433m microwave segment
Protocol Standard: Custom (non-public agreement)
Modulation mode: 2-FSK
Communication rate: 100kbps
RF power: default 10dBm (adjustable)
Receive sensitivity: -96dBm (adjustable)
Anti-collision: unique address recognition
Service life: 3 years (battery replaceable, CR2450 two)
Recognition distance: 0 ~ 50m (empty environment)
Working current: average current 18MA (send interval 1s)
Display: Electronic paper display
Physical parameter
Weight: 37.6g
Dimensions: 80mm (L) X40mm (W) X14.5mm (H)
Environmental parameters
Working temperature -20 ° C ~ +60 ° C
Storage temperature -10 ° C ~ 45 ° C
Storage humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity