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Types of pressure-sensitive adhesives

Many kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive, can be classified fromdifferent angles.

(1) according to the classification of the main pressure sensitive adhesive composition

The elastomer pressure-sensitive adhesive

Elastic body with this kind of pressure sensitive adhesive is the earliest natural rubber, later gradually extended to all kinds of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer. According to the elastic body, this kind of pressure sensitive adhesive can be furtherdivided into natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, synthetic rubber, thermoplastic elastomerpressure-sensitive adhesive.

A. natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive

This is the earliest development, since the output is still great for a class of rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. They are based onnatural rubber elastomer as main body, with a tackifying resin,softening agent, antioxidant, pigments and fillers and crosslinking(curing) complex mixture additive, because natural rubber has ahigh cohesive strength and elasticity, and a lot of tackifying resingood miscibility can also, highly viscous and to be moist and sticky material good, so natural rubber is a kind of ideal material forpressure sensitive adhesive body. Its main disadvantage is the existence of unsaturated double bond in the molecule, the poor performance of light and oxygen aging. But by crosslinking and the use of antioxidant and other measures, can make its weather resistance and heat resistance were improved. Pressure sensitiveadhesive products with natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesivealmost can be made from various types of.

B. synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber pressure sensitive adhesive

Using butadiene styrene rubber, isoprene rubber, polyisobutyleneand butyl rubber, chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber and othersynthetic rubber as the main body, a pressure sensitive adhesive is prepared with tackifying resin, softening agent, antioxidant and other additives have their respective characteristics. But they are not important natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive.Reclaimed rubber, especially by the regeneration of pressure-sensitive adhesive made of natural rubber has good performance,the price is relatively low, thus also attention.

C. thermoplastic elastomer pressure-sensitive adhesive

With styrene butadiene styrene triblock Co complexes (SBS) andstyrene isoprene styrene block copolymer complexes (SIS) as the representative of the thermoplastic elastomer is the main raw material for the manufacture of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive without solvents used, will not cause environmental pollution, high production efficiency, increase increasingly in today's for saving energy and eliminating pollution calls social, importance of the pressure sensitive adhesive are increasing.

Resin for the resin adhesive this kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive with polyacrylate, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride,polyvinyl ether etc.. The polyacrylate is currently the most used, itsproduction has more than natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive.

A. acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

The copolymerization of acrylate copolymer by various acrylate monomer and a resin type pressure-sensitive adhesive, the most important. Compared with the rubber type pressure-sensitive adhesive, it has many advantages: appearance colorless transparent and has good weather resistance; generally do not have to use a tackifying resin, softening agent and antioxidant and other additives can be pressure-sensitive adhesive performance is very good, so the formula is simple; the use of copolymerization andcrosslinking can be made to meet different performance requirements of various pressure sensitive adhesive to. Therefore,in the past 20 years, this kind of pressure sensitive adhesivedevelops very rapidly, and has replaced the dominance of naturalrubber pressure sensitive adhesive.

Pressure sensitive adhesive B. silicone resin and other pressure-sensitive adhesive is composed of silicone resin and silicone rubberblend composition, has excellent high temperature resistance andaging resistance performance, is a very important and specialpressure sensitive adhesive, its main use is in manufacturing all kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive products of high-grade.

Polyvinyl ether is the development of a class of resin type pressure-sensitive adhesive earlier, but its importance has been graduallyreplaced by acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

In addition, ethylene. Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA),polyurethane, polyester, polyvinyl chloride resin also can match all kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive.

(2) according to the morphological classification of pressure-sensitive adhesive

Pressure sensitive adhesive can be divided into solvent typepressure sensitive adhesive, aqueous pressure-sensitive adhesive,emulsion pressure-sensitive adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive and rolling pressure sensitive adhesive and other types of five.