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File preparation guides     
• File format guide           
    • PDF, TIFF, JPG. EPS files
• File requirements checklist   
    • 2-3MM bleed around edge of label size (picture showing)
    • 2-3MM    • 100%scale 


   • Up on a single page
    • Convert your text to paths, curves or outlines.
    • Please ensure that all images are 300dpi
    • Nominate all colors as CMYK or pantone (pans)
    • If mailing your material please include a colour or a black &white proof copy of your file (reminder; include all fronts, scans and linked items)
• File resolution guide 
    • Image of full color printing is 300dpi  
    • Image of bitmap is 1200dpi Bitmap

Acceptable software applications

MAC:  Adobe illustrator mx
           Adobe in design mx
           Free hand mx
          Quarks press 6.1
          Acrobat PDF
          PS file
 PC:  Adobe illustrator mx
         Adobe in design mx
         Corel draw 12
         Acrobat PDF
         PS file