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 TPU film is based on the TPU pellets by rolling, casting, blown film, and other special coating made of a thin film.

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes), TPU thermoplastic elastomer is an MDI having NCO functional groups with the OH-containing functional groups POLYOL, 1.4BG, made by extrusion kneading, since the elastic good, physical good, all kinds of mechanical strength are good, therefore, widely used in injection, extrusion, calendering, and resin dissolved into a solution and other processing methods, the plastic material of the plastic processing industry often used, which cover a range of products made for industrial applications and civilian necessities.
In recent years, due to the continuous development of new products, the amount of the thermoplastic PU elastomer is continuing to increase, in order to create a low-cost plastic processing industry, industry a new opportunity for high value-added.
TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) because of their superior performance and environmental concepts increasingly popular. Currently, any local use of PVC, TPU can become a substitute for the PVC. But the advantage of TPU, PVC is unmatched. TPU not only has excellent high-tension, high tension, tough and anti-aging properties, and is a kind of mature green material. Currently, TPU has been widely used: shoes, sportswear, inflatable toys, water and underwater equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, automobile seat material, umbrellas, luggage, bags and so on.
TPU film is based on the TPU pellets by rolling, casting, blown film, coating process made film. Currently on a very wide range of sports shoes Application: soles and trademark decoration, air bags, air, oil, etc. on the upper.
TPU Shoes
TPU Shoes
Today, TPU film applications on sneakers there are two trends: First, the sandals of the prevailing wind blowing, that is high transparent TPU film or direct cutting, screen printing, or color, or bonded cloth Jicheng tarpaulin cloth, high frequency molding and adhered to the upper, functional and decorative effect. Second, the use of breathable waterproof TPU film with a cloth and shoe fitting used in order to achieve the effect of waterproof and breathable.